Jody has been in many places and "scenes" over the 60 years she's been alive.  Back in the 1970's, our government was doing research into the paranormal to purposes of possible warfare.  So were the Russian's.  UCLA even had a whole paranormal research department that had been set up by Dr. Thelma Moss.  LA was the epicenter of the whole "new age" movement in fact promised to us by musicals like "Hair".  At the same time "Hair" was hitting Broadway, we also were experiencing a sexual revolution which evolved into sex becoming an industry of it's own.  The first legal brothel was opened in Nevada in 1972 by Joe Conforte.  The "Happy Hooker" hit the NY Best Seller List in 1974 and the XXX film, 'Deep Throat" played in "regular" movie theaters for the first time instead of adult theaters where they'd only played before.  Playboy had opened a string of nightclubs with "Bunny" waitresses which Gloria Steinheim actually worked as for a time to write an article about it as she blossomed into a woman's movement icon.  Area 51 was just breaking ground and astrology magazines were sold at every supermarket.  Born in 1960, Jody was experiencing all of this all around her when her mother took her to Dr. Moss' lab in 1973 where she was one of their "test subjects" into ESP.   For a time in her teen years, Jody worked as a professional psychic when it was still illegal to be a "fortune-teller".  That's why she had to become ordained as a "spiritualist minister" in order to frame her work as an astrologer as her "religious freedom" she had the right to express at 17 years of age. 

By the time she was 19 years old, she'd had enough of this world.  Wanting to have a "normal" life, she had already enrolled in the local community college, and then applied for a job as a waitress at a local blues club in Tarzana, California.  Valley West was actually owned by people related to Richard Pryor, a family by his own admission where his grandmother was a madam, and his mother worked in her brothels - so this was a generational family of pimps and prostitutes who had set up this black club in the valley with plans to "take on Hollywood" through connections made by Pryor.  After a short time waiting tables there, she soon realized the club was a front for drugs, guns and prostitution mixed in with Hollywood film and record producers and stars.  Even the Jackson family would come by the club on the weekends to meet girls and buy drugs.

Jody left the employ of the club to get away from this criminal element, but she'd already caught the eye of the "head" of the family, Weldon.  Weldon was a pimp who liked to target "college girls" like Jody.  Unknown to her, these men would find out where she was working, and then threaten the owner to get her fired.  Knowing she'd run out of money as she ran out of places to work, and come back to them, they knew she'd come back to the club thinking it was "her idea".  After a financial crisis with her mentally ill drug addicted mother, Jody eventually came back looking to make some quick cash which soon turned into a career for her as a  madam. 

After one of the pimps in this family became addicted to cocaine which was flowing through the clubs by the early 80's, he shot himself in the head one day after a three-day binge.  This signaled to the family it was time to leave LA - and their prostitution and drug business in Jody's hands as she'd been properly "trained" by that time in all aspects of the game.   Three madams basically controlled the LA call-girls back then, with Jody covering the San Fernando Valley, the "Beverly Hills Madam" covering that area, and Cheri Woods, the "Death Row Madam", covering Hollywood.   Madams were females who weren't controlled by the men who controlled the various spas, massage parlors, strip clubs, and porn production companies in LA.  Nor the street prostitutes who were women on Sunset Blvd., and men on Santa Monica back then available to anyone with a car. 

(to be continued)

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